Pattern search - seems easy enough?

Hey guys! Searching for a pretty similar pattern to this and having trouble finding anything with this ribbing and yarn. Any ideas of where to find it? I’m sure it’s knit straight then sewn up the back, but part of it looks like they may have increased a bit then decreased to create the smaller base at the neck. Also, is this considered a 2x1 rib?

Thanks everyone !!

Don’t know of a pattern like that, but I’ll look. Without seeing the back it’s hard to say for sure, but it does look like it’s seamed and the edge looks like they cast on less and increased. I’ll see what I can find.

There are lots of baby bonnets, but these are the only two I found that were similar.

Thank you!!!

Is it a 2x1?

The photo you posted does look like 2x1.