Pattern reading question

Hi all.

Another “newbie” question again.

I’m trying to teach myself to read patterns, and while there seems to be a universal language of sorts, sometimes I see variants.

I’m not sure how to read something like this; it’s for a simple winter hat.

I’m not sure what the numbers all mean, for example, the “52(34”. And then repeat round 1?

Could someone help and explain a bit more?

Original Pattern Instructions:

Using the long-tail cast-on method, cast-on 66(44) and join to work in the round.

Round 1: [K1, P1]. Repeat all the way around.

Round 2 – 52(34) : Repeat round 1.

Note: Every row should begin with a Knit stitch and finish with a Purl stitch.

Round 53(35) : K1 [Dec, K1]. Repeat all the way around.

Round 54(36): K1 [Dec]. Repeat all the way around.

Round 55(37): K all the way around.

Learning to read patterns is a bit like learning a new language with lots of individual dialects. But the more you read and work, the easier it gets.
This pattern likely has 2 sizes or is written for 2 different weights of yarn and the directions are slightly different for the two (see the cast on numbers).
Rounds 2 to 52 are repeats of round 1, that is, (K1, P1) repeated around over and over. After round 52 is complete, go on to round 53 and 54 which are decrease rounds. For the second size, work rounds 2 to 34 in K1,P1 rib then proceed to rounds 35 and 36, the decrease rounds