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What does it mean when it says including half sleeve top when measuring?

I think that just means the length measurement is from the finished shoulder (which is not knitted on the front or back panels but on the sleeves) and not only measured up the the raglan shaping.
Personally I don’t think it needed to say it includes half the top of the sleeve as the arrow shows where the length is measured (in line with back neck), but perhaps some people find it clearer this way due to the raglan shape on the drawing.

Is it this pattern?
I love that this is gender neutral and covers such a wide range of children’s ages, its so versatile!

Hi, yes that’s the pattern. I love it too but i am struggling with it. I am new to knitting. I’ve done and redone tension squares and finally thought I’d got it right. I thought maybe measuring the back too soon? Thank you for you reply. When and how would you measure this? x I’ve added pictures of one of my attempts at knitting the back x20220106_112346|900x1200


Your knitting looks great! Lovely and neat.

Now is a good time to measure, unless there was part of the instruction earlier on which said to work to so many cm/inches rather than a given number of rows.

I can see your measurements don’t quite add up to those on the schematic. Which size is it you are making?

When you did the swatches (tension squares, gauge swatches) did you block the swatch and did you make a reasonably large swatch and measure the centre number of stitches and rows or did you do a smaller swatch with just the number of stitches given on the gauge?
Following the swatch did you need to change the needles to get gauge? And did the gauge match the stitch count and row count or only the stitch count (and NOT the row count)?

Sorry for so many questions. If there is a sizing problem with your project the information could help to find a solution.

Hello and thank you :blush:.
There is a part of the pattern that says to continue until it measures a certain length. I have attached a picture of this part of the pattern.

With regards to the tension square i just did what it said on the pattern 22 stitches over 28 rows and didn’t block. Maybe this is where i went wrong. I’m making the patch pocket design age 6-7. I’m using the recommended yarn.

Your help is much appreciated :pray:

So it looks like the 3rd size and you have the correct width of 14 inches for the third size but are coming up short on length which should be 29 inches but you’ve come up 17 inches.

There are some options

  1. Wash the swatch and dry it flat and remeasure to see how the length comes out and how this might effect the sweater if you were to continue as it is. The fabric may change size after blocking (blocking is wetting or washing and drying flat in shape) and you might feel happy with the current length knowing it will actually lengthen at the blocking or washing stage.
  2. Hold the sweater back against the child and see if you like the length it is. Remember arm holes don’t go right up into the arm pits but sit lower, and the stitches on hold are roughly the neck band. You might be happy with it.
  3. Rip back the knitting down to shape raglan and work the additional 2 inches needed or whatever length you want from bottom to arm hole (you can customise it for the child) and jot down the length so you can make the front the same.
    You might also jot down that from arm hole to neck top is 6 inches and check this against the child’s height.
    If you decide to rip back you might want to put in a life line before ripping back the work so you don’t lose all, your stitches or rip back too much. There are tutorials on this if you need one.

It’s generally advised to make a much bigger swatch than stated so that you can measure over the centre stitches and rows to get a better guide as to gauge but not everyone swatches or makes bigger swatches. Also to block, or wash, shape and dry flat, the swatch before measuring to see what effect washing has on the size.

I think you will need to remove the photo of the pattern for copyright purposes. If you click on the little pencil icon you can edit your last post to delete the photo.

What do you think you’d like to do about the length?

Hi, thanks for those tips. I think I’ll re do a swatch and block it and go from there. It’s strange that the width is good but the length is off…or is that common and because i am knitting tight x

I hear that is is common to get correct stitch width but not height but that the width is more important as often patterns say to it to a certain length and this allows for the row height to be a bit off gauge.

In your cause you did knit to the correct length before shaping but your row height on the raglan shaping has not brought up as much height as expected.

I just thought of another option which is that you might think the 12 inch to the arm hole is correct for the child but that instead it is the top 6 inches which you need to be longer (neck to under arm). If this is the case then you could alter the number of rows between the shaping to give more rows and length jn this section.
Personally I wouldn’t be able to advise the exact way to change the raglan shaping rows but there are far more experienced knitters here who could help with this if it turns out this is the case.

Starting with a new swatch is a great place
And measurements of the child if possible, bottom to arm hole and arm hole to neck edge.

Do come back and ask if or when you need more help. And we’d love to see a photo of the finished project too.

Thanks for removing the pattern.

You’ve been very helpful, thank you :blush:

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