Pattern question
can I use 100% cotton on this pattern? And in the gauge swatch it wants a blocked gauge,what does that mean?

Cute top! Sure you could use cotton, but cotton has tendency to bag out and not go back to the original shape until washed (think jeans that get baggy after being worn a while). The acrylic in this blend probably keeps it hugging the body.

Blocked means you knit a swatch and then, depending on the type of fiber, get it wet or damp or steam it and then pat it or pin it into shape and let it dry and then measure the gauge. If it has acrylic, then you would NOT want to steam it, but get it wet, roll it in a towel to get mostly dry and pin it to a flat surface to dry to size - not pulled, etc. I have to admit for this project, I would probably be machine washing and drying the final garment (if making it out of cotton/acrylic blend) and so I’d probably do that for my swatch. If I made it out of 100% cotton, I’d machine wash gentle, or handwash and lay it out flat to dry and so that’s how I’d treat that swatch. Does this make sense?

There are articles online about blocking - here’s one:

I was afraid it would bag out.and yes what you said made perfect sense :smiley: Thanks for all your help so late at night

No problem! I have a bit of insomnia. Thanks for the new pattern!