Pattern question smocked dress

Hi, I am new to this forum. Glad to find it. I am having trouble with the Debbie Bliss Eco baby sleeveless smock dress pattern. I have finished the back and left front. Now starting right front and thought I should use the 8 rows of pattern which I used with back and left front but pattern gives a 1st and 2nd row and then says that these 2 rows set the yoke patt with garter st front edge. Cont in patt until front measures…I don’t know if I am supposed to only use these 2 rows but I can’t see how it would mirror image the left front if I do that or do I use the 8 patt rows. Hope someone can help. I just can’t seem to understand. Fairly new knitter. Thanks for help. Hope I have chosen the right forum to post in.

See if the first 2 rows [I]start[/I] the pattern (set up the pattern) and then the pattern continues in the 8 row smocking pattern. Usually the set up rows shows you where the pattern sts are placed. The right front should look like the mirror image of the left front except that the right front will have the buttonholes in the garter st edge.

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Have be so anxious to finish this dress. Thank you so much! So glad
to have found this forum.