Pattern question - *'s are Missing In Action!

Hi – I need help understanding the following pattern instructions:

Next Row: k1 yarn over twice, k1 repeat across row.
Next Row: k1 drop the wraps, k1, repeat across row.

What I’m unclear about is whether there should be two k1’s together between the yarn overs and dropped wraps, or should there only be one k1 between? I never knew how important those darn *’s could be!

Thanks for the help.

I’m confused … :thinking: … I don’t see any *'s in the pattern as you quoted it. Here’s my guess:
Row1: K1, YO twice, K1, rep from across.
Row2: K1, drop YO, K1, rep from across.
I just wouldn’t end w/ a YO. I’ve seen patterns that do end w/ YO, but I don’t think it applies to your pattern 'cause it sounds like elongated st to me. :??
Hope that helps a little :slight_smile:

Thanks, ekgheiy, I agree with you – that’s what I thought the pattern should be also.

I’ve never seen a pattern that didn’t use *'s. AND – I actually PAID $5.00 for the pattern. It’s for a sleeveless shell and is called Paper Moon Tank. It’s very cute when all worked up … and should be FAST :happydance: which is always good for me.

Yes, yes … it (??) does look like it will work up nice and fast. Hey, if I were you, I’d contact MEO Designs about that grave hiccup. I’d turn semi-Hyde on those 'bamas after paying five bucks for a pattern with no “knitting grammar”. Grrrr! I tried but couldn’t find any contact info for MEO. Is they’re contact info printed on that pattern? :thinking:

You found it, ekgheiy. :cheering: I just looked at the pattern again and there is contact info on it - I never thought to try and contact the “inventor”. Actually, it just has an address. It’s from the Chicks with Sticks. Of course, the pattern also says “reproduction is strictly prohibited” - so how come the LYS could SELL it to me for $5.00???

:thinking: Maybe they signed a contract and bought permission to sell it … Hmm …
I’d write them about their publishing quality. Five bucks is a good amount for a pattern with an oversight like that… :fingerwag: Let us know what they say … if you write to them :mrgreen: