Pattern question (again)

im nearly done but now i have to add a border it says

'pick up and knit 6sts evenly alog double moss st and 37 st evenly along edge 43 sts start with 2nd row of double moss st work 2 rows "
so i know how to pick up st thats fine but its the rest i dont understand! knit 6 evenly?? and 31 at the same time or after? shouldnt it all be worked in moss st? then where dose the 43 sts get picked up from? hears a link to the pattern if u need to see it. im totaly 10% lost pls help.

The “evenly” refers to the picking up rather than for just the knitting. That is, you have the section of double moss stitch, and you want to pick up 6 stitches distributed evenly across that section. (so if there are, say, 24 stitches in the double moss area, you’d pick one up every four stitches) You then pick up 37 stitches along the edge – I can’t see the pattern because I don’t want to buy it :slight_smile: but it looks like you have an edge that’s part double-moss-stitch and part normal knitting? If so, you pick up 6 stitches from the double-moss-stitch section and then 37 stitches in the rest of it, all distributed evenly – the 43 total stitches comes from 37+6.

…And the pick-up-and-knit bit counts as the first row, so then when you go back across you start with the second row of the moss stitch pattern. (Pretending, as it were, that you’ve already done the first row in moss stitch, even though you didn’t.)

THANK YOU!!! ur a super star! yes well it would be that simple wouldnt it lol.