Pattern query

Hi I’m new to the group and a new knitter , please could you help I’ve got to a k5 ybk s1 yfwd k5 ive tried countless times and always seem to get the odd number of stitches at the end of the row :weary: never ending in 5 . Please help before I give up x

Welcome to the forum!
What is the name of your pattern?
How many sts do you have before you start this row and can you quote this entire row, asterisks or parentheses included?

Hi it’s a James c Brett doll
Pattern, I’m stuck on the dress . It’s 59 st and the pattern says k5*ybk,s1,yfwd,k5 repeat from * to end . Thank you

The row before and after is k5*s1k5 repeat from * to end

Each of the rows takes 59sts.

k5* s1k5 repeat from * to end
k5* ybk,s1,yfwd,k5 repeat from * to end

For the second row there 5sts before the repeat.
The repeat takes 6sts and is repeated 9 times (54sts). Total 59sts.

The ybk (yarn back) is a bit odd since the yarn is to the back for the knit stitch anyway. The yfwd may be a yarn over since the next sts are knit sts. That would increase the stitch count by one each repeat or a total of 9sts increased and it would show as small holes or eyelets. Does that make sense with the following row?

Does the doll pattern have a James Brett number?

Thank you so much I’m a bit confused too I tried that then when I went to third row I ended up with 3 stitches to knit at the end not 5 :grimacing:I’ve done all the doll and this bit is driving me mad . Yes the number is JB 680

If the 1st row is 59 st then will the second one have more stitches ? As yfwd increases a stitch ? :weary: is that why t he third row doesn’t work . What am I doing wrong lol

Are you at the transition between the top and the skirt? It seems as though there are a series of eyelets at that point which increase for the skirt. If so then ignore the ybk and work the yfwd as a yarn over.
k5* ,s1,yarn over,k5 repeat from * to end
That’ll take 59 sts and leave you with 68sts. Yes the yarn over will increase one stitch per repeat.

Yes just started dress front , I do the row and do end up with 68 stitches , but then it says repeat and the next row is k5*s1 k5 repeat until end . I always end up with just three stitches after the last s1 not 5 :cry:

If the skirt continues with 68sts you could knit the 3 sts at the end of the row. Alternatively you could put in a yarn over after the last repeat then k3. The pattern as written is going to have a k5 to begin and a k5 to end the row. That’ll make 10sts between the end yarn overs. If you add in the extra yarn over, you’ll have 5sts at the beginning of row, 3sts at the end of row and 8sts between those end yarn overs.
The skirt looks like straight knitting from then on, mostly stockinette with some garter ridges. An extra yarn over isn’t going to disrupt that pattern and will be unnoticeable as far as fullness of the skirt.

Thank you so much for your patience I will try it :+1: