Pattern Purchase experience

Hi everyone,

I have been thinking this and I think I would like to share my experience.

I am alone, I don’t have knitting group and I learn most of my knitting from youtube.

I can say I am an intermediate knitter., and I always like to read pattern precisely in order to know what to do and try not to make any mistake and know what exactly I am doing. I just dislike to re-do what I did.

I always tried to find free pattern online or even buy pattern books. But there is a problem is there is no support when I have questions.
Therefore, I switched to look for buying pattern online, and thought there will be support. Will there really have support from them?

Here are my experiences:

  1. I tried to email the questions to the designer and never have answered from them.
  2. I emailed the questions to the middle person and it took 2 weeks to answer or replied they do not know and will check with the designer.

Recently was the worst. A designer mentioned at the end of the pattern to email her if any comments/question. I was happy at first.
I emailed the 1st email and no answered.
After I went to her blog and email 2nd questions., and she replied me and trying to tell me to sign up a basic sweater knitting class at or go to Ravelry and look up the answers from other people (provided there is an answer you are looking).

Mmm……this really make me wonder what is Pattern Purchase? Worth it? And how do I know the designer is a good one and not just a hypocrite and just after your $$$ ?

$6-$7 per pattern without support, I think I would rather to spend on a book.

I love this forum. , especially Salmonmac really a knowledgeable and helpful person.
I am wondering if there is pattern purchase here with support too. Pattern free would be better too. 

Anyway, what do you guys think?

There are thousands of patterns so there will be those who are responsive and those who are not. I think the older a pattern is and less prolific a designer the less likely you’ll get a response. That’s why there are forums here and on Ravelry that have users that have knit it and can often help. We can’t always help, but usually we can. Always tell us the name of the pattern, provide a link to it if possible (don’t post pattern itself here) and tell us where and what row in the pattern you have are having problems for the quickest responses.