pattern problem Multi-directional Scarf

Hi I’m new here have problem with one of your patterns

Welcome! Can you be specific please about what you’re having trouble with?

Also… you may have found the pattern here, but they are just links to outside patterns no KH patterns. :wink:

I don’t know where i got pattern I don’t have printer problem is pattern doesn’t change direction

Here’s the pattern. You can download the PDF and view it that way.

I’ve done this pattern and it does change direction. It’s done with short rows. Just follow the pattern and it’ll all make sense. Not a good picture, but here’s mine.


On back says

It’s the same pattern. The designer’s username on Ravelry is phibetakitten.

Pattern is under her real name, Karen Baumer. If you click this link and then look at her patterns you’ll see this scarf.

Have you done short rows before? They can be confusing at first and that may be why you don’t see the directional change.