Pattern overload

I am…in pattern overload. I have this big huge binder of stuff I have copied and printed, and now I realize I really need a smaller binder for the stuff I really really really want to do, because I keep “forgetting” about the ones I really liked…even though in the big binder, they are divided by category and really pretty user friendly. ACK! I think I need to be very strict and not print anything else!!! TOO MANY IDEAS RUSHING THROUGH MY HEAD…MUST…BREATHE!!!

hehee, you sound like me!

[size=2]Me too… :oops: [/size]

I used to print up all the patterns I liked, but never bothered to organize them. Now with KPC, I don’t worry about it–they’re all there waiting for me!

I have a suspension folder ‘box’. I have labels for different ‘categories’.

I still end up printing out doubles though…


This is why I am having so much trouble placing my KP order. I have 10 things I want to make and only enough $$ to make 2 or 3 of them. I can’t prioritize what I want most!!! ARG!!! I think we ought to meet for a glass of wine and compare patterns :roflhard:

I have 4 large binders, one with just socks, another with tips, 2 with patterns and a small one with just knitpicks socks. Here’s what I need to do next year, it should be a resolution…INDEX my binders! I also have things printed for another binder or 2…so, don’t feel so bad with your 1…LOL :roflhard: :rofling: I really went off the deepend when Lonnie surprised me with this laser printer for my ‘Knitting Stuff’ as he said…he’s too sweet…LOL, before I got the new printer I had 2 large binders…LOL…I’M HOPELESS :roflhard: :rofling:

I think we ought to meet for a glass of wine and compare patterns

ohhhh GREATTTT…knitting AND alchohol…lol…

Add some fondue and I’m in! :happydance:

Just keep the needles out of the cheese :shock:

I’m totally with y’all, only I’m not as organized. Most of my to-knit list is in my head and on my computer (bookmarked). Not in folders, binders, or remotely organized. But I’ve got wait too many "want-to-knit"s. And I’ve got the yarn for a lot of it, but not the time to actually knit all of it!

My “one” binder is one of those big honker 4 inch things and it is crammed. I definitely need to sort downsize and prioritize!!! Particularly the projects I really want to do sometime in the near future.

I probably have 3 or 4 three inch binders filled with crocheting patterns from when I first got online back in 97. 100s upon 100s. My printer stopped working properly in 2000 while I was in “geek” school. I was too lazy to fix it, so I didn’t print anything out. Since then I’ve “inherited” another inkjet printer {which was never hooked up}, and DH got me a laser printer when he got me this pooter last year for Christmas. I still haven’t bothered hooking that one up either. To be honest, I haven’t found anything that I needed to print out that badly. I will simply work on something at the computer, when it’s an online pattern. I have enough printed patterns to stock a small store. I have a 6 foot tall bookcase that’s filled with books, booklets, binders, magazines and other whatnot! I have tons of stuff saved on here, both patterns and bookmarks… but that’s okay, that doesn’t cost me anything in ink or paper! :roflhard: