Pattern not showing up on the right side



Someone replyed to my question earlier and i think they might of misunderstood what question i was asking and gave possibly the wrong response which does not make any sense as yet since i am not asking about kfb. So therefore i am posting the question again i do apologie if they were orginally correct in what they are saying:
Why won’t my Knitting stay on the right side as i am holding it on the right side while knitting? It is twisting to wrong side named the ‘purl side’. I have never had a problem with the right or wrong side before i am on row 32 now of the animal. Is it twisting to the unwanted side because the item i am knitting is now bigger and changing its shape? How do i solve the problem. I know something is wrong because the pattern i am trying to make is showing on the wrong side. I am trying to knit one row and then purl the next row. Someone said attach a picture to see what i have done. Someone thinks i was doing a KFB but i havent the last thing i did was a purl stich.


Okay, let’s try to get to the bottom of your problem. I’m looking at your photo and your stst all looks fine to me - knits all on the knit side,purls all on the purl side - except for the row below the needle which is showing a few purl bumps here and there.Unless you have mistakenly purled when you should have knit a stitch the only other explanation I can think of is an increase using kfb. The reason I asked if you had recently done an increase row is because if you use kfb to make an increase you end up with purl bumps on the knit side, if you didn’t do an increase row then I don’t understand why you replied that you had!!
What pattern are you using? At the point in the pattern you have reached is it asking you to make a pattern in your knitting using the knit and purl stitches along the row i.e Moss st perhaps. With the very best will in the world we cannot help you without more information and better understanding of what exactly the problem is!!


What is the name of your pattern?
If the right side (RS) is knit stitch and the wrong side (WS) is purl there’s a good way to keep that stockinette stitch pattern going. When you pick up your knitting, look at the stitches. If the Vs are facing you, knit the row. If a line of purl bumps is facing you, purl across.
If you inadvertently skip a row, the pattern can switch but looking at the previous rows is always a safe guide. Sometimes it also helps to put a marker or safety pin in the RS to help keep track of RS/WS.
Notknittingknots and engblom are experienced knitters who are giving the best advice given post and photo. They’ll get to the bottom of the problem.


Hi thanks for the advice i appreciate that you were trying to find out what was wrong i would like to say thank you. I can confirm the magazine publisher made a mistake in the pattern. The publisher clarified that there is a mistake in the pattern and you should not knit one row you should purl it basically. No wonder people were so confused as to what went on. I am grateful that you have been been trying to solve the problem. It was the publishers error in this case.