Pattern not matching up when knitting in the round

I am making so fair isle mittens and knitting in the round, but no matter what I do the pattern never matches up when I start a new row. I have a marker that shows me where a new row begins but the previous row matches up with the new row instead of the one below… if that makes sense. So I start a row with 2 grey 2 white and around the mitten and when I come to the end and knit 2 grey then it is a row about my first 2 grey rather than matching up. Any tips?

I haven’t actually done this technique yet, but maybe you need a jogless join? I’ve seen this term when reading about knitting stripes in the round and I know there are some good websites about how to do it.

I don’t know about a web site, but there is a good technique in the book “The Best of Vogue Knitting”, page 130. Maybe it’s on their web site too.

knitting in the round is actually producing a spiral or knitting rather than rings sticked on top of one another which results in the little step. a Jogless join when you first join in the round can limit this somewhat.

Here’s a link to several techniques for jogless stripes.