Pattern needed for Noro Yarn

Hello! I am wanting to knit a simple button through sleeveless vest or waistcoat in a noro yarn to make the most of the gorgeous colours. I know that there are lots of Noro pattern books, but ahead of going to the yarn store in London, I thought I’d see if someone here can recommend one. Either to substitute the yarn, or if you know that there is a pattern in one of the many Noro books, as I can buy one on-line but the description doesn’t give you a full run down of all the patterns it contains.

I look forward to your suggestions.


Hi Nicky,

Yes Noro yarns are divine aren’t they? I think they pretty much lured me back to knitting after a lengthy hiatus.

I have one book with a vest pattern - it’s called Zillah - a stocking stitch sleeveless polo neck top with ribbed edgings. It’s a pullover vest - no front opening or buttons.
I’m not an experienced knitter but it seems fairly straightforward.

Of course it looks beautiful in the photographs but they are a bit limited really as the full detail and shape is always alightly obscured.

The book is called Simply Noro by Jane Ellison. It’s quite beautiful, with many attractive and functional designs. It’s possible to buy them from Ebay on Yarnbow and they post internationally. I ordered some Noro yarn and had it delivered to me in Sydney. It was fairly quick and much cheaper than buying it here.

Hope that helps - good luck!


Hi Flippa,

I’ve only just discovered Noro yarns and I’m making a felted bag from some kureyon at the moment. The texture is lovely as well as the colours. I have one ball of silk garden that I plan to make an indulgent mobile phone cover with. Couldn’t resist buying some!

Thanks for the tip about the sleeveless top: I think I know the one you mean from looking at the website, but I think that I’ll have to avoid polo necks: too hot and maybe itchy! Looks gorgeous on the model though!!

I shall keep looking. I may need some advise from others on substituting yarns, as I always stick to the pattern prescription.




I understand - hate the feel of wool next to my skin, unless it’s ultrafine merino or something like Noro’s silk garden, silk and mohair, mmmmnn.

Your bag sounds great, was it from a pattern on this site?
Good luck,

Hi Flip! I think I did get the bag pattern from here: the Booga Bag I think it’s called. It knitted up really quickly. I have the straps to do now: an i-cord which I have never done before. This is the first time I’ve knitted in the round too: took me by surprise that it turned out to look like stocking stitch! The i-cord calls for double ended needles and I can’t find large enough ones to buy in my local shop, so I’m going to try making them on the circulars instead. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Can’t wait to felt the bag to see how it turns out and how much it shrinks. I’ll see if I can take a photo once it’s finished.

Take care


Here’s one