Pattern makes no sense!!!

I’ve been attempting to do this pattern many many times now but I can’t seem to figure it out!! I don’t understand how I would go from casting on 11 to then end up with 20sts which can’t be made from 11 sts??

Please can someOne help?

Welcome to KH!

The notes on the pattern under Abbreviations describe the RLI or Right Lifted Increase and give a link to a tutorial

The designer recommends this increase but you can use your favorite increase instead. A knit front and back (kfb) or any increase that uses a stitch will work.

(Repeat the RLI, k1 so that you increase in a stitch, k1, increase in a stitch, k1, increase in a stitch k1, and so on. Since you increase 9 times that’ll take the stitch count from 11 to 20sts. )


Thank you so much for replying! I may be being really dumb but after knitting 1 and then following the pattern, it doesn’t actually work with casting on 11? I know it sound silly but I tried working it out and following the directions ( I also prefer to kfb) I then also tried just powering through and following the directions but I never seem to end up with the correct number of sts. If it’s not much to ask could you try the first two rows and see if you can get it to work?? I’m really struggling and I’m trying to make it as a gift for my friends birthday.

OK, I’ve had a cup of coffee now. I see the problem. The designer calls for an increase in a stitch (RLI) and that’s when I recommended something like kfb. So wrong.
It must be an increase like M1 where you don’t use up a stitch but instead increase between sts.


Ah oh my gosh thank youuuuu!!

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