Pattern issue!

Okay pattern issue. I used a M1A to inc 1 stitch. But at the end of the instructions it seems like I have an extra stitch. This is a sleeve in a cardigan. I begin with 27 stitches.
Row 1: (RS) K3 (5,3), work row 1 of pat 2 (2,3) times, k to end
Row 2 and each WS row: p across.
Row 3-4: rep rows 1 and 2-1 more time
[B]ROW 5 (7,9): K2, inc 1, k0 (2,0), work row 1 of the pat 2 (2,3) times, k to last 3 sts, inc 1, k2.[/B]

My issue is if I knit until the last three sts and then inc 1 doesn’t that mean I still have three sts to knit? why is it saying knit 2? This seems like a mistake but each row with the inc 1 instruction ends this same way. and the inc throws off the look of the pattern (or so it seems). Im a little confused. Please help!

The pat instructions are as follows:
Row1: k1, YO, k3, slip 1, k2tog, PSSO, k3, YO.

Could be the pattern uses kfb as the increase which would use up one of the last 3 sts. Check to see if ‘inc 1’ is defined as to which one. If it isn’t and you want to use M1 instead of kfb, then knit until there’s 2 sts left, inc and k2.

Thank you! the instructions in the front of the book gives the same structions as the pattern, but it say k to end, so I will go with the alteration you gave me. This takes the frustration level wayyyyy down, lol. Thanks again.