Pattern interpretation

Ok…this is for the back of a jacket

Directions in Question: Shape Shoulders: (RS) BO 2 sts at beg of next 2 rows, 8 sts rem each shoulder. At each shoulder, dec 1 st ER 8 times.

I did this an I don’t think it looks quite right. I won’t influence your opinion of what this means by telling you what I did. Some further explanation would be very helpful though so I can see if I need to do it over or not.


This is what I would do:

Row 1: BO 2 sts at beginning
Row 2: BO 2 sts at beginning
Row 3: dec 1 sts at beginning of row, dec 1 st at end of row
Row 4: same as 3
Row 5: same as 3
Row 6: same as 3
Row 7: same as 3
Row 8: same as 3
Row 9: same as 3
Row 10: same as 3
Row 11: same as 3

But since you’re starting off with only 8 sts on each shoulder when you start the decreases, wouldn’t all those decreases take you to zero stitches left? Is that what you want to end up with? (I can’t quite picture this)

Well, that is what I thought…takes you to 0 but the shape doesn’t make sense. I wanted to ask b/c now I am on the left front and it says to shape shoulder as for back. I don’t want to do it wrong twice.

I think the directions aren’t clear enough about the split. The center stitches are bound off…I think I should have mentioned that. So you’re working two shoulders at the same time. So what I did was decrease at the beginning of every row as it says, but maybe it meant at the beginning of each shoulder since it says “At each shoulder, dec 1 st ER 8 times”…so it could mean dec 1 er for EACH shoulder on the same row or just for EACH shoulder as you turn. Does that make any sense? I think maybe it was supposed to decrease twice on every row…one at each shoulder? Confusion continues but didn’t prevent me from finishing as I understood it then because I thought it might be more clear when the left front began…but alas it says “shape shoulder as for Back” BAH!

I think I would have decreased every row at both shoulders, if that’s any help at all.

No that’s not true. I would have left the 8 on the needles and done a three-needle bind-off. How much shaping can you get out of 8 stitches?

I don’t know…the pattern is pretty bizarre!

I think that because it says to dec 1 sts at EACH shoulder EVERY ROW, that I would take that to mean two decreases in the same row…two decreases on EVERY row for eight rows.

What is this pattern??? :thinking:

It’s a jacket from the Fall/Winter 2004 Filatura Di Crosa book. They took down the links at their website so I can’t show a pic. I did scan it though but I don’t want the copyright police after me! I’ll pm you in the hopes a pic might help.