Pattern Instruction for hat

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to knit a baby hat on a straight needle but I ran into a snag. The pattern said P2 *SL1, K2, PSSO, P2 easy enough and the I started thinking about it too much, is there a general rule that you follow each step b/c what I started thinking was after P2 my working thread was to the front, do I SL1 first and then move the string to the back for K2 or do I do it before? And one more on PSSO for this pattern I PSSO over the K2 not just one? Any help would be appreciated.

I believe you should pass the slipped stitch over the two you just knitted.

I think I’d put the yarn to the back before I slipped it.

Thanks for the assurance. I really hate undoing knits so that’s why I wanted to ask. Is there a general rule about moving the working string over or is it just trial and error and if it looks right?

If your pattern wanted the strand in front for decorative reasons, it would say to slip the stitch with the yarn in front. That would be my take, anyway.