Pattern help

I started this pattern a while back, and because I don’t remember where I left off, I’m reviewing the pattern to start over. I’m wondering if I misinterpreted the pattern, so I thought I’d get some other opinions.

There’s a 10-row cable repeat pattern that they describe in detail, including where to add the m1s that slowly increase to shape the front of the sweater. Once you do the first 10 rows, the instructions read:

Work 4 rows m1 st as before in next and foll alternate row ## sts.
Work 12 rows m1 st as before in next and every foll 4th row ##sts.
Work 24 rows m1 st as before in next and every foll 6th row ## sts.

Does this mean that you work 4 rows and THEN use your m1s in the next and foll alternate rows until you have the right number of stitches? Or do those 4 rows have your m1s in rows 1 and 3? (and the 12 rows would have increases in the 1st, 5th and 9th rows?)

I had tried the first interpretation but when I realized that there could be 24 rows without an increase, that just didn’t sound quite right.

What do you think?

You work 4 rows with the incs included in the next row and the 2nd one after that. Same thing with the work 12 rows instructions - the incs are worked over 12 rows.