Pattern Help!

Hey everyone!

Got a nice shawl pattern here for a friend, and we can’t seem to figure out the chart pattern. Check out the link:

So…if you look at row #7, there are 4 yarn overs and 2 k2togs. Just curious how this works out. When you start the row, you have 12 stitches from prev row. I don’t understand how the numbers work out, if you have only 12 stitches to begin with, and you are turning 4 of them into 2 (2 k2togs), it would seem like you would have to begin with 14 stitches (at row 7) to incorporate the whole line’s pattern. I know, might be confusing, but any help would be great!


You will have 10 sts at the end of row 5. In row 7 you are adding 4 stitches while taking off 2 (which will give you a 2 stitch increase). You will see it works out as you knit it. ~Tricia

The extra 2 yarn overs are to increase the width. Row 8 you’ll
knit all the stitches (including the yarn overs), and as you can see Row 9 has the extra 2 stitches accounted for. Just go
according to the chart and I think you’ll see it’ll all work out.
There’s no error at this point anyway.

Thanks for the input. I understand your theories, which makes sense to me on paper, but when I go to do it, there just isn’t enough stitches on that 7th row…

would you guys be kind enough to try it up until row 7?

pretty please…

How, exactly, do you not have enough sts?

1st row: 6sts
2nd row: knit
3rd row: 6sts + 2 yo’s = 8sts
4th row: knit
5th row: 8sts + 2 yo’s = 10sts
6th row: knit
7th row: 10sts + 4 yo’s - 2 ktog = 12

To break down row 7: k2, yo, k1, yo, k2tog, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, k2

Actual sts needed, [B]without[/B] counting yo’s: k2(2sts), k1(1st), k2tog(2sts), k2tog(2sts), k1(1st), k2(2sts) = 10sts.

Your k2tog bring the count down to 8, but your 4 yo’s bring the count up 12.

From re-reading what you’ve written in your opening post, I just want to make sure you’re doing the yarn overs correctly. That’s the only reason I can think of for your coming up without enough sts.

A yarn over is simply wrapping the yarn around the needle - after you knit your 2nd st, bring the yarn to the front between the needles, then to the back over your right needle. Knit your 3rd st, which has now become the 4th st in your count.

I’m sorry if you know that and I’m wrong, it’s just the way I could account for it not adding up.

You don’t use a stitch to make a YO, it just adds a st between 2 others.

ahhh, I gotcha. Makes more sense now. Thanks!