Pattern help

What does this mean?

sl 1, K1, psso (is this slip purl wise?)

it is part of a chart do I do all of that for the one square?

Here is the pattern link.

This is the first Chart I have used so any help would be great.:muah:

When a slip stitch is part of a decrease, which this is, you slip it knitwise.

So I slip a stitch knit a stitch and then pull the slipped stitch over the knit one like when you bind off?

Yes, you slip a stitch knitwise, knit a stitch, and then slip the slipped stitch over the knit stitch and drop it off the needle just like binding off. Slip, knit, pass is a common decrease on the left side of a pattern and is usually paired with a k2tog on the right side.

I think you’ve got your lefts and right mixed up, as far as which side of the piece they go on. Maybe you meant the skp is a left leaning one (toward the middle) and k2tog is a right leaning one.

So sorry, you’re right suzeeq. Please forgive my confusion.

Hey it can get really confusing when people start talking about lefts and rights. Or it that the tea hand and the cookie hand?

Thanks everyone, I thought that was what i did but I wanted to make sure before I got to far in. It is fun to figure out something new and be right thanks :slight_smile:

Tea and cookie hand would be more informative, I keep having to ask who’s left mine or the knitting’s:teehee:

I see, I think you were talking about left and right side of the piece as if you were wearing it, not when you’re knitting it. Yep, very confusing…