Pattern help

I am knitting a sweater with a pattern in it using the main color and the contrasting color. The instructions say to "work rounds 1-29 of Color work chart. This is the first time I have seen one of these charts. I am working this sweater on circular needles and I don’t understand the chart. It seems to show each row ( I’m assuming 1 row would be one whole time around the circle ) but only numbers the odd rows. Can someone tell me how this reads? Thank you!

Here’s a very informative PDF on how to read charts.

Oh thank you so much, I am going there right now. I’ve been left hanging in the knitting hemisphere were no one should ever be left hanging! Thanks for the life line! Cathy

uh oh, I’m back from printing and reading that PDF however I still do not have an answer to what this chart means. I’m thinking maybe I should just knit the row how it shows on the chart and ignore that it does not number the even rows for reasons that I don’t need to know! Ahh, I’m frustrated, I just want to knit this!.

Are the even rows just not numbered, or they’re not printed on the chart? Do the written instructions say what to do with them?

I just read the PDF myself because I’m getting started on socks using charts for the pattern. From what I read if you are only seeing odd numbered rows then the even rows would be the same for each repeat, such as purl all stitches. The odd rows would be the row that you do all your pattern stitches.

So for a color chart like she’s using, you would purl back the WS rows, but using the Main color…? I think that’s her question, what color.