Pattern Help!

Okay, I’m knittin’ mittens and the pattern reads:
ROUND1: *K1, SSK, K12, K2tog, K1; repeat from *
ROUND2: Knit
ROUND3: *K1, SSK, K10, K2tog, K1; repeat from *
Okay, I did all that…
This is where i get confused… :??

“Continue decreasing on every second round by working 2 fewer stitches on palm and back of the hand as established, until 12 stitches remain.”

Does that mean i follow the above pattern so that on every other round the K12…K10…K8 etc. goes down by two until there are only twelve stitches total on my needles??? I think that’s right, but i don’t want to mess up my very first mitten! Thanks!

You got it!

Thanks Ingrid…I was waiting for you to come online, I just said to my coworkers, “Ingrid to the rescue!” LOL! Much Love Ingrid :heart: I’ll give it a shot!