Pattern Help!

I was confused with the following pattern, if anyone could look at it and help me understand.

When the pattern continues at section 2, does CC1 go on the left edge of the triangle that was just completed? I was worried that when it said “break yarn”, it would unravel once I begin section 2.
Hope you can help!

It won’t unravel. You’re working the edge triangle, using your contrasting color and the stitches that are on the needle from the last triangle.

It won’t unravel if you leave about 3" of yarn to weave in later. The stitches might be a little loose, but you can pull the tail a little to tighten them up and they won’t come out anyway.

Thank you for the help, but I have another question!
At the end of section 1, everytime I knit the final 10 stitches before breaking the yarn, the 2nd triangle twists and folds in on itself. I wondered if this is normal? I’ve tried it 4 times already, but it keeps turning out the same.

I can’t think of anything that might cause that, though I can’t quite visualize it either. Do you have a picture?

I’d keep going. The first row of triangles do look very funky until you work the second tier.

Oh well yes, that’s very true. Once you do the next section, they straighten out.

Thank you both very much, I appreciate it very much! I will try that, and come back here if I need any more help.

Thank you for the help earlier, it seems this twisting will even itself out the further I go. However, I am reluctant to go beyond the next step, especially with the “pfb” stitch:
Left Edge Triangle:
[I]Row 1[/I] [WS]: Using CC1, pfb, p2tog.

I assume it means purl into the front and back of the stitch, but I can’t find any tips or previous help in the forums. Hope you can help!

It is purl front and back. Purl into the stitch as normal, but don’t slide it off. Then bring your right tip around back and insert it from left to right in the back loop of the same stitch and purl it again.

It sounds so simple, but when I try the pfb on the first stitch, I end up with three on the right needle, and they are twisted. I put a lifeline on the row I am picking up from, so I won’t have to unravel the whole thing, but I always end up with the same result - three twisted stitches.
Surely there must be something I am doing wrong!

Could be you’re taking the yarn over the needle when you switch from the front to the back leg or you’re not letting one of the legs go when you’re done with the st. Purl into the front, move the yarn between the needle tips, twist the right needle a bit to angle it into the back and purl. There should be 2 sts on the right needle, then slip the 1 st off the left needle. Maybe you could practice a few sts of purling through the back loop only so you get that down first and see what it feels/looks like.

Thank you so much! That pfb stitch was really what was impeding any progress, and I doubt I would have found clearer instructions anywhere else.
That was my error - I didn’t know the yarn had to be brought between the needles before purling through the back. I just purled in the front and back without repositioning the running yarn, and I ended up with three twisted stitches, as opposed to the ideal two.

If you don’t like doing the pfb stitch, you can do a kfb on the next to last knit st of the knit row when you’re knitting back. On the purl row, you just purl 9 then p2tog. Some patterns I’ve seen have you slipping the first stitch when you are on a “join” row. The slipped stitches make it easier when picking up stitches on the next tier.