Pattern Help!

Here’s the pattern:

Multiple of 10 sts plus 6

Rows 1 and 2: Knit
Row 3 (RS): K6, *(yo) twice, k1, (yo) 3 times, k1, (yo) 4 times, k1, (yo) 3 times, k1, (yo) twice, k6; rep from *
Row 4:Knit, dropping all yo’s off needle
Row 5 and 6: Knit
Row 7: K1, *(yo) twice, k1, (yo) 3 times, k1, (yo) 4 times, k1, (yo) 3 times, k1, (yo) twice, k6; rep from *, end last repeat k1 instead of k6
Row 8: Same as row 4.

Repeat rows 1-8.

I don’t know how to do row 4. I don’t know how to drop all yo’s off needle.

Just slide them off of your left needle without doing anything to them…

Sorry, I still don’t get it. Do you drop them off the left needle to the right or just drop them off? How am I suppose to make up with the 16 stitches?

you are basically just creating a hole or an elongated type stitch. just do what it says, knit until you get to the YOs and then pull the YOs off the needle to the right. you will have a little extra yarn there. you may want to watch amy’s elogated stitch scarf video to see what we mean about pulling them off.

think about all those times you accidentally drop stitches off your left needle and have to pick them up…well you don’t have to pick the YOs back up, that’s all.

Just drop them in the space between the needles. If the pattern wanted you to put them onto the right needle, it would say “slip” instead of “drop”. :wink:

Well, it’s difficult sometimes when you are a beginner. Like, when I YO one stitch and it looks like I have three stitches, do I pull all three of them off? Do you know any videos?

Also, the multiples of 10 plus an extra 6, I had 36 stitches and that still didn’t go right with the pattern. What am I doing incorrect?

here is a video that will help with pulling off the YOs but it does take some time for it to load since it is a big file.
i am not sure i understand your last question though.