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I’m still working on the Glampyre minisweater.

There’s a row of the sweater that requires you to make increases before and after each place marker, but after you’ve finished all of those rows, it says work increase row as normal, but increase five stitches evenly over both sleeve sections. What does it mean, increase them evenly? Because for one, nothing looks at ALL like sleeves yet, lol.

Two rows after that, it says work increase row as normal, working sleeve sections as k3 m1, k3 m1, etc. over both sleeves which I’m also having trouble understanding. And are raglan increases the ones that I’ve been doing all along?


Right now on your needle you have the sweater sections divided as:

front, sleeve, back, sleeve, front

The increases you’ve been doing before and after each marker are the raglan increases.

They want you to increase five stitches across the sleeve sections in addition to doing the raglan increases. I would do M1 increases since they’re the most invisible.

So you keep working the increases next to the markers, and you’ll be also increasing on the sleeve sections to make them puffy.

Wow … that’s confusing. Right now it just looks like a strip, with the bottom a little bit thinner in stitches than the top, and obviously the two sides stretching out in a V shape, from the increases.

Hmm. Are the sleeves the bits inbetween my markers, then? As in, front, marker, sleeve, marker, back, marker, sleeve, marker, front? Is that what you mean? Sorry, this is my first time trying real clothing!

Yes, front, marker, sleeve (the little bit), marker, back, marker, sleeve (the other little bit, marker, front.

So the sleeves would be your second and fourth section.

Thanks so much! I seem to be getting it alright so far. :smiley:

One more question, though! Once I finish all of the knitting, how do I separate the sleeves from the body?

It looks like the trying on part is pretty clear, right?

When you put the body parts back on the needle, you will leave the sleeve stitches on waste yarn. You’ll work them later.

On the first row of work after you put the body parts back on the needles, you’ll be connecting the fronts to the back under the arms. The sleeves will be sticking out over your knitting. After you finish the body, you’ll work the sleeves.

Actually, this part has really got me confused.

Everything is physically attached, lol … what do they mean by separating? In fact I’m not even sure about the trying on part; does that just mean I knit the parts onto extra yarn and slide them off the needles, and if I need to add more rows, I … ? I don’t know.

I have no idea what I am doing. :X

What they want you to do is take a tapestry needle and yarn and put it through all the stitches of the body parts, and a separate one for each of the sleeves. Do this while the stitches are on the needle, and when you have the yarn through, take the needles out.

Try it on and see if the sleeves fit at the shoulder down around the underarm. If they’re too small, add more increase rows. If they’re too big, take out a few rows.

Anyway, you will have a piece of yarn that you’ve sewn through the loops of the stitches of the front, the back, and the front. The sleeve stitches will be on their own yarn, to be finished later.

Up to this point, you’ve knit the fronts, sleeves and back at the same time. From this point, you will only be knitting the body parts, all in one continuous piece, therefore ‘separating’ the sleeves. They’ll sit there on their yarn strands until you are done with the body.

I hope this is clear enough to get you started. I think that once you do it it will become very clear.

I think I get it now, thank you so much! Makes much more sense. Now let’s just see if I have a tapestry needle around here, haha.

Thanks again! :heart:

If you don’t have one and the stitches are big enough you can get away with using a bobby pin!

Success! I found one! … Now I just need to finish those 34 rows that need to be knit before ANY of this.