Pattern Help

I am knitting my first thing - a sweater for one of my children. Am underway with the first sleeve now thanks to some help here. But now I am stuck again!

The pattern says finish with a wrong side row - does that mean
a) knit the wrong side row and then stop
b) stop at the end of a right side row and so the beginning of a wrong side row?

It’s not the actual knitting that I’m having problems with but the pattern seems like a foreign language…



You would finish knitting a wrong side row and then the next row after that would be a right side one.

What is the next line of instructions? That should make it clearer whether or not you should be working on the wrong or right side.

Whatever type of stitch you are doing on the wrong side, you would purl (or knit) that wrong side row and then continue on with the instructions. If it is a sleeve, it might be that your next move is just to weave in the ends or perhaps you will begin a ribbing of some sort…

Best of luck to you!

Lovely, thanks for your help. Luckily that is what I have done! It was the prelude to shaping the raglan bit of the sleeve. Looks OK but miles too big for the person I’m knitting it for…