Pattern Help

I am knitting a christmas stocking on a round needle. I am really stuck. Here’s the problem: the directions say to K 45, drop MC, do not cut, using DPN and waste yarn, k 30, drop waste yarn go back to beg of these same sts worked in waste yarn and using MC k these 30 sts again onto circular needle. Knit 5 rnds.

1.) What is waste yarn?
2.) Are the 30 sts knitted in the waste yarn attached to the stocking?
3.) There are 60 sts in the needle now what do I do with the other 15?
4.) Do I knit 5 rnds with just those 30?


You will be doing an ‘After Thought’ sock Heel.
Waste yarn is any scrap yarn you may have laying around.
The heel of the sock/stocking will be knitted last after you have knit the rest of the sock. the waste/scrap piece is knitted in the middle of the tube to allow you to came back later, take that scrap piece out and then pick up those stitches and knit the heel part.
After knitting those 30 St’s you will go back and knit over them again with the MC yarn and continue on as before doing all the stitches in the round.

I now have 60 sts on the needle. I k 45, do the 30 from the waste yarn plus the other 15. thats 90 stiches. when I knit the rounds do I skip the 30 from the waste yarn

What is an after thought heal?

One where you add it after you’ve done the rest of the sock instead of putting it in as you get to it.

I am totally clueless

Never mind… just do the pattern as written.

I would but I don’t know what to with the 30 sts on the DPN.

Ahhh, I see. Knit them with the scrap yarn, then knit them again with the MC and your other needle so they’ll be joined up with the rest of the stitches.

Thanks for your help but I eand up with 90 stitches in the rnd. I knw that’s not correct. I just don’t get it.

How many did you start with - 60? You should end up with that many. Maybe you could post the instructions for that row exactly as it’s written.

Ok. Here’s what the directions say-
Starting with 60 sts.
Knit 45, drop MC (do not cut) using DPN and waste yarn, k 30, drop waste yarn, go back to bbeg of these same sts worked in waste yarn and using MC k these 30 sts again omto corcular needle
knit 5 rnds
Then directions proceed to shape toe.

Okay, so k45, take the waste yarn and a dpn and k 30. Slide those stitches to the other end of the dpn and re-knit them with the MC yarn. Your beginning of round marker will be in the middle of that 30, so just keep knitting for 5 rounds past the waste yarn stitches.