Pattern Help (?)

I am doing a pattern where you cast on 12, knit the first 3 rows, then switch to k1,*yo,knit 2 together,repeat from * ending with a knit stitch.
How many stitches are on the needle if you are doing it correctly? Do they increase or decrease? Or should there always be twelve?

it feels like one of those trick questions like How many animals did Moses have on the ark! :teehee:

You should still have 12. You are doing an increase with every decrease so they are counteracting each other! :thumbsup:

That is what I figured, however, I’m up to 43–what the heck am I doing!!!
You’d think I could keep my mind on the pattern for 12 stictches.

how many rows of this pattern have you done? I am wondering if maybe you are doing a yarn over inbetween those last two stitches, or maybe doing a YO, k1, YO occasionally? It is easy to do with that type of pattern because you get into a rhythm.

otherwise maybe this thread will help a little?

Ok–I ripped it out–again…knitted the first couple of rows as directed, then on to the pattern. I’ve done this twice to check, and I come up with 13 stitches after the pattern. To yarn over I am bringing the yarn (actually I’m knitting with ribbon) between the points of the two needles and just knit the stitch–right?

to yo you bring the yarn (if in knit position) from the back through the needles and over into knit position again, then usually K2tog for the next stitch. You don’t knit into the actual yarn over until you get to the next row.

Does this help any?

So…for yo you actually never knit it, you just move the yarn between the needles and then knit the next stitch, what ever it may be?

no you do knit it, but not until you turn the needles (if on straights) to do the next row… it will look a little funny, and seem quite loose and strange to knit, but it does tension itself out after a few rows.

Eureka! Three rows and I still have 12 stitches–Thank you for your help.