Pattern Help

i started a pattern in a magazine recently and it seemed pretty straightforward until i got to the neckband. the instructions read as follows, but i have no idea what this means. if anyone can decipher, i’d be forever grateful. it’s the very last step in the pattern and i don’t want to have to unravel everything!

thanks in advance! here goes - [p1,K2tog[b](yo and the st before it)p1,ssk(yo and the st before it)], 2 times. i can’t figure out the part in parentheses, (yo and the st before it).

does anyone have an idea how i do this?


I’m guessing that you made some yo’s on the previous row, and the pattern is just trying to clarify that your K2tog and SSK in this row will each contain a yarn over as one of the stitches. I think they’re trying to make it clear, but it does come out rather confusing.

Yes, I believe that is what it means! I do have yarn overs from the previous row! Thank you very much for helping me on that. It now seems so simple, I’m embarassed! :teehee:

Don’t be embarrassed - it really is a very odd way for the instructions to be written. I would have done a double take too.