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Symphony Shawl: 1. Cast on 3 stitches. 2. Slip 1st stitch, YO, knit to end of row. 3. Repeat. 4. Bind off.
Sounds super easy but I cannot get started, could someone demonstrate. I have spent one whole day searching Utube for demo but cannot find this exact topic or sequence of stitches, and my stitches seem to fall off.

Welcome to KH. I don’t understand about your stitches seem to fall off. I expect it will be easy once you get it started and see how it works. In this video (at about 3:00 she is casting on) she knits the first stitch and your pattern says to slip it. Just do as the pattern says with the first stitch, the rest is the same. I like doing one row of all knits as she does in the video because the bottom edge will look nicer. You can if you want, or not; neither way is right or wrong. HTH

It just occurred to me that slipping the first stitch might be causing problems. Here’s a video that shows it. Lacking any instruction other than slip the first stitch I would expect this is what’s intended. Slip the first stitch, move the yarn to the back, make a yarn over, then knit the next stitch. Exactly how to do the yo will differ between English and Continental knitting and I hold the yarn in my left hand (Continental style) so my explanation reflects this.

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In addition to the above, I wonder if changing to bamboo or wood needles (if you aren’t using them already) might help with the stitches slipping off the needle.

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Thank you, I usually just slip on instead of knitting on the first cast on stitches. This helped to knit on first three stitches. This pattern is very loose and lacy, using a mohair superkid yarn (very thin fuzzy yarn) size 11 needles. I’m still not sure how to slip first stitch and then yarn over and can find NO videos showing this, they all knit the first stitch.
Still experimenting, I’m an occasional knitter but have done a few sweaters, etc. Thank you for your prompt response and help.

She doesn’t start at the beginning of the row but it works the same.

Hmm… I don’t know about anyone else but I found the SL1YO video too confusing. I don’t understand why the yarn would be brought in front before slipping the stitch as this isn’t stated in the given pattern. It could well just be me.

42tul I knitted up a few rows of this just to see how it went and it is very pretty. I knitted every row as that seems to be the pattern, making a garter centre with lovely lacey eyelet boarder. Very nice.

Here’s my wordy description.

Cast on 3
Keeping yarn in back, in position to knit - it is actually attached to the first stitch on the left needle so it is hard to say it is “in back” but what I mean is, do not bring it forward as though to purl.

Slip first stitch purl wise, needles are point to point as you slip it.

Secure the stitches on both needles using thumb and first finger to prevent them slipping off. (I’ve tried this English and continental style and use my thumbs and first fingers in different ways to secure the stitches, but basically securing the stitches by holding them on the needles)

Bring yarn between the needles to the front as though to purl. Do not purl.

Place right needle into second stitch knit wise (this helps to keep the stitch on the needle as you move the yarn over), take yarn over the right needle to the back and finish the knit stitch as usual by wrapping and drawing through the yarn.
Drop worked stitch off left needle.

There are now 3 stitches in the right needle. First was the slip stitch. Second is the yarn over, third is the worked stitch.

Securing the stitches with thumb and first finger may feel awkward but it is only for one stitch and the chances are you will become more comfortable with it the more you work through the pattern. I know for me some new methods feel every so clunky to begin with but gradually become more fluid as I get through a garment.

Sometimes I find words more easy to follow than videos so I thought I would just see if it helped at all for you.

If it’s still tricky do say.