Pattern help

I’ve lurked here for a bit and I hope someone can help me- I’ve posted this question at 2 other sites and have been ignored :confused:

I’ve been knitting these WW2 era "trigger gloves."I made the first glove just fine, but I’m a little confused about the instructions for the fingers of the 2nd glove.

When you begin the 1st finger of the 1st glove you “Slip the last worked 10 sts to a free needle, with another needle k the next 7 sts (the sts right over the 5 cast-on sts, and 2 sts more); slip remaining 43 sts to a thread (to be held for the other 3 fingers), cast on 5 sts to the second needle. Divide these 22 sts on 3 needles, work round and round in ribbing of k 1, p 1, for 10 rounds; bind off, knitting the k sts and purling the p sts.”

but, when you begin the 1st finger on the 2nd glove it states this: “begin the first finger 2 sts before the 5 cast-on thumb sts and also the next 10 sts, cast on 5 sts for inside of finger (22 sts).”

So, does this mean that I stop knitting 12 stitches from the end of the round? I think that’s what it is, but I’m unsure because of the way it was phrased.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

I think it’s because they’re handed, i.e. you can’t put the left one on your right hand 'cause it’s not shaped that way.

I think you’re reading them right. If worst comes to worst, you can always unravel and try again. There are no hard and fast consequences in knitting!

you’re right- the thumb is positioned on the palm, not the side. THAT’s been frustrating me to no end on this 2nd glove. I think if I frog it any more, it will actully start croaking like a frog. :wink:

But, I think I figured it out. FINALLY! :lol:

And, if I haven’t, I’ve faked it well enough- I stopped 2 stitches before the end and slipped them to another needle. On the next needle, I knit on the 5 thumb stitches and then 10 more. I cast-on 5 more stitches to complete the round. I think that makes sence; I’m definatly NOT a patter-writer. :wink:

so, now… :XX:

and thank you for replying- I appriciate it more than you know!

:happydance: Good job! Sorry I couldn’t have been more helpful, but I’ve never made gloves before. But your interpretation made sense to me!

it’s cool :slight_smile:

I was dancing around the place when I figured it out. I scared my cats. :stuck_out_tongue: