pattern help...

my pattern says:

Cast off 3 sts at beg of next and foll 1 alt rows,
then 4 sts at beg of foll 1 alt row

I have been trying to work out what this means for about half an hour now and some help would be much appreciated!!!
(just starting out and getting used to patterns!)

Pat x


If you think of “next” being row 1 then
Row 1 cast off 3 sts at beginning
Row 2 (follow whatever given pattern you have been working)
Row 3 the alternate row so cast 3 sts at beg
Row 4 (follow given pattern)
Row 5 alternate row this asks for cast off 4 sts at beg

I hope that helps.
I too sit and glare at patterns demanding them to make sense so I know how it feels.


Thank you so much this really helps!!!

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Oh good. Glad to help where I can as I need so much help myself too :blush: