Pattern help

I found this pattern that I would like to attempt. However there are no cast on (multiples) directions. It does say “it is worked over 10 stitches on a reverse stockinette background” so is the multiple just 10? Or are those 10 stitches just for the cable itself?

Any help would be much appreciated to clear up my confusion (haha)!! Thank you!

What do U want to make?? Do u just want to practice the stitch or are u hoping to make a scarf or blanket?? They would determine how many sts u would need to cast on.

Because a blanket is going to use waaaay more sts than a scarf would.


Yes, the cable itself is the thing being worked over ten stitches. So you could have a background of as many stitches of reverse stockinette as you wanted. So for example if you wanted to make a scarf with the cable in the middle you could cast on say, 30 stitches and work the cable in the middle ten of those thirty. Hope this helps, :wink:


I’m probably just going to try a scarf and see how it comes out.

Thank you! That does make sense! I’m used to looking for cast on numbers and multiples I got confused how it was written.

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You’re welcome. :blush: Good luck with your scarf.