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Hey everyone!

I’m struggling a bit getting started with a sweater pattern. It gives me the chest size measurements to choose which set of measurements to follow, and the actual measurements once the garment is finished and washed. This is what the pattern gives me:

To fit chest sizes 91-97 (102-107) (112-117) (122-127) (132-137) cm/36-38 (40-42) (44-46) (48-50) (52-54) in.

The following measurements are after the garment has been washed.

Actual measurements 108 (116) (127) (135) (143) cm/42 1/2 (45 1/2) (50) (53) (56 1/4) in.

The pattern also gives me two gauges, one before washing and one after washing, for the yarn used in the pattern:

Before wash: 21 stitches and 30 rows, to 10 x 10 cm, over moss stitch and 34-stitch cable panel measures 10cm across, using 4mm needles.

After wash: 21 stitches and 37 rows, to 10 x 10 cm, over moss stitch and 34-stitch cable panel measures 10cm across, using 4mm needles.

The chest sizes I originally planned to knit for were 102-107cm, so I would have been following the second set of measurements. I’m using a different yarn that’s the same weight, and the gauge I got both before and after blocking my swatches is closer to the gauge for after washing. Does this mean that instead of the chest sizes, I should choose the measurements based on the actual measurements as these are for after the garment is washed? I’m worried that if I knit based on the chest size the sweater might be too big.

Thanks, and sorry if this was confusing!


Depending on the pattern, I would go with the measurements after washing. The difference in the gauges is in the row gauge and since you’re usually knitting to a given length rather than a number of rows, you should be ok. Raglan shaping may change this however or a sweater knit cuff to cuff.

What is the name of your pattern?

Here’s the link to the pattern:

That should work out just fine if you go with a chest size of 102-107cm and a sweater size of 116cm.
Great looking sweater! Thanks for the link.

The sweater won’t come out too big because I’m using a different yarn?

If you’re getting gauge you should get the size given in the pattern. If there’s a schematic with the actual measurements, use that to compare you’re knit measurements as you work the pattern.

The difference may be in the drape or feel of the knit fabric but most sweaters are likely knit with a different yarn from the pattern description.

Ok I understand now. Because my gauge both before and after washing is the same as the given gauge after washing, I can ignore the gauge for before washing and know that when I knit the sweater it will come out to 116cm immediately, right?

So if I wanted a tighter fit around the chest, I would instead knit for a finished measurement of 108cm?

Yes, the first size will give you a finished sweater of 108cm at the chest. That’s assuming you’re on gauge.

Great. Thanks for your help!

Beautiful sweater

Okay, I need help with this pattern again :sweat_smile:

The original pattern has cabling just in the front, but I decided to have the cabling in the front and the back. So I started knitting the back using the instructions for the front of the sweater so that the number of stitches would compensate for the cabling. However, now I’ve reached the shaping stage and I’m unsure what to do.

Because I’ve changed the pattern for the back, I now have 12 more stitches in the back than the pattern originally called for. How does this affect the shaping for the armholes, shoulder and neck? Can I just shape the back as the pattern says, or do I need to somehow get the number of stitches back down to the original number so that the shaping is right?


You should be able to follow the armhole shaping as the front.
Look at the shoulder bind offs for the left and right shoulders. You should be able to follow them for the shoulders one with and one without cable. It looks like the shoulder bind off for the cable side will take care of the extra sts using k2tog .
For the neck, see how many sts you have left and if it’s close to the back neck shaping, follow those directions.
Eventually you’ll be seaming the shoulders so they should be about the same width.

Wow, that’s a lot simpler than I thought it would be. Thanks!