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Bandana Cowl

Not understanding the following instructions for the Kahurangi Cowl pattern.

Triangular Shawl Section
Work Garter STITCH Rows [1 and 2] until you have 90 sts on each side of spine, including the garter stitch borders (181)

Garter Stitch (any number of sts): knit Flat

Row 1 RS: K3, sm, kfb, k until 1 st from m, kfb, sm, k1, sm, kfb, k until 1 st from m, kfb,sm, k3 (4 sts inc’d)

Row 2 WS: K3, sm, k until m, sm, p1, sm, k 1 until m, sm, k3


This cowl combines two types of constructions: top-down triangular shawl knit flat and a bias rectangle knit in the round.

The first section, the top-down triangular shawl, is constructed using a series of yarnovers to form
the triangular shape. You will be increasing by 4 sts every RS row.

Once you have reached the proper stitch count, you will join the edges of the shawl in the round and work a series of increases and decreases to create the bias rectangular shape. Because you are working the same amount of increases and decreases, you will not gain or lose stitches.

What part is giving you trouble?

In reading the Garter Stitch - Row 1 and 2 , I don’t understand how I would work the Garter Stitch to get to 90, then comprehending the section where it reads including the sitch borders (181)

I contacted the designer via email. She was able to answer my question.

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