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My neice has asked me to knit this for her but I need help creating a pattern, number of stiches etc and decreasing increasing etc can anyone help me 1971726253_kkuy

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Have you looked on Ravelry for a similar pattern? You may even be able to convert one written for stockinette to garter stitch.

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Thank you and yes have looked on ravelry, lovecrafts, dermores and a few other sites but cannot find anything similar. The sleeves seem to be the problem and the front opening but I’ll just keep looking.

Thanks again

I found this pattern with a circular yoke that would help get it started. When the yoke is complete you would bind off the stitches the pattern has you put on hold for the sleeves. Cast on for the armholes as you come to them then work in garter stitch until time for the legs. Another pattern could be used for the legs.

There are other similar free patterns if this doesn’t have the size you need or you just like another one better.
Ravelry search

Many thanks I’ll try that and see how I go

You might also take a look at this pne:

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Good find!

Thank you both so much for your help I have been searching for a similar pattern for ages, your help as been invaluable


It’s a darling onesie. Please let us see a photo when you finish!