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Hi needing help again im abit confused sl1,p16turn
K16,k2tog turn
If I only have 16 sts how can I k2tog

Hi k2tog means knit two stiches at the same time.if you k2tog you will be decreasing

Its the stitches I dont get if ive got 16 how can I knit 16 then k2tog if I only have 16 stitches

Hi, you’re doing a few rows of 'short’rows. This just means you zigzag back and forth over the same sts more or less. I think I can just about see that prior to this section you started with 63sts, then you k40 sts and turn the work (40 sts on the left needle now and 23 sts on the right,with the purl side facing ready for the next row) Slip 1( taking the stitch with the working yarn from the left to the right) purl 16 sts and turn the work ( 40 sts to left,23 sts to right)Now you knit across the 16 sts then k2tog and turn your work around. Next row you sl1 purlways, purl15 then purl 2 tog through the back of the stitches and turn. You repeat those last 2 rows 9 times more.
Hope this helps

Yes thanks

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Row 1 you have 17 stitches (first one is slipped) and instead of knitting the rest of the row, turn the work.
Row 2 you will knit the first 16 stitches (this includes the slipped one of row 1) and when you get to the last stitch, knit that with the next stitch (the stitch right after where you turned). This links the turned work so that you don’t have a big gap in the project.