Pattern help

I’m new to knitting and have just started a Wendy diamond pattern sweater. I’ve completed
The ribbing and I’m 8 rows in to a 36 row repeat. I think something must be wrong

R6 k1, p6 * p3 k1 (p1, k1) 5 times, p6 rep from * to last 4 stitches p3, k1

I end up on the( p1, k1 ) 5 times not at the end of the rep before the last 4 stitches. I’m thinking
This is wrong and you should end up at the end of the repeat p6 * and have the 4 stitches left.

I’d be grateful if someone could help me with this please.

Is it this one? If not can you please provide a link to the pattern? Don’t post the pattern here.