Pattern help

Please help me to interpret the sleeves instruction in this pattern. I do not understand the second paragraph where 8 stitches are placed on a holder, then 6 stitches two more times. Am I to understand that a total of 20 stitches are placed on holders at the underarm? Thank you in advance.

oversized sweater

Since it’s 6sts each side x2 it would be 24sts plus the 8 center sts which is a total of 32sts. I don’t see any special directions for these sts on holders so I would say bind off the 8 center sts then bind off 6sts each side x2. The sleeves are set in at the end.

May I ask for your further help. I’m still not understanding the purpose of placing stitches on stitch holders for the sleeves. Where they mention slip 6 stitches on stitch holder each side x2, am I using a completely different stitch holder each time for the 6 stitches rather than use the one holding the 8 stitches? Right after that instruction it seems that I am to start immediately placing the 6 stitches on holders? Is that correct??

Yes, you can use different stitch holders if you wish. It may be awkward to use the same stitch holder for all the groups of 6sts.
I would knit one row before starting the sections with 6sts onto holders.

My problem with the pattern is the idea of using stitch holders at all. What’s the purpose? There’s no grafting going on at the end; there are no instructions for using the held sts. Why not bind off the sts when you get to them instead of using the holders?

I’m in full agreement! Thank you very much!