Pattern Help - turning row

I’m currently knitting a teddy bear and having trouble with part of the pattern. This is the part I am struggling with:
next 2 rows- k12, sl1, yf, turn, sl1, k12. K 1 row.
Rep from * to * then work the two turning rows again.
I am confused because the only mention of turning is in these two rows so would repeating from * to * not already be working the turning rows. I’ve attached a picture of the pattern if that helps at all.
I’ve been knitting simple stuff for a while but this is my first time working from a pattern like this so any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

It’s strange wording. They could have said repeat 3 times but for whatever reason, they didn’t. There’s similar wording a few rows further along.

What is the name of the pattern?

Thank you very much for helping clear that up!! The pattern is called large teddy bear in sailor suit .