Pattern help - RS/WS in rib?

I’m a relatively new self-taught knitter so this is probably a pretty basic question. I usually figure out most things myself by extensive googling and trial and error but I’ve just embarked on a jumper that’s for my sister’s birthday so I want to get it right and I don’t have loads of time to trial and error it!

I’m just starting the front panel and the instructions read:
(1x1 rib. Row 1: *K1, P1, rep from * to last st, K1.
Row 2: P1, *K1, P1, rep from * to end.)

Cast on 59 stitches and commencing with 2nd row of 1x1 rib work for 3cm, ending with a ws row.

So my questions:
Do I measure the 3cm from the very edge or from the start of the actual knitting? As in, do I include the cast on row in the 3cm?
Which is going to be the wrong side row in the rib? Is it a Row 2 which I’d usually think of as ws, or is it going to be a Row 1 as that’s the second row knitted in this case? If that makes sense? To me, the rs is when the cast on tail (basic cast on) is at the bottom of the left needle before starting the row but while trying to google the answers to my questions I am getting the feeling it’s not that simple! :sob:

Any help gratefully received!


A confused sweater newbie!!

Edit: Sorry - link to the pattern added! I’m knitting the Side Vents version (blue one)

Bottom up so the only thing you have is the waist band?
Unless you’re using a super bulky I don’t think it would matter. The distance isn’t going to be that much, RS/WS doesn’t matter as long as you’ve only got ribbing done at that point.

If it was such a distance that it did matter I would include it, the cast on is part of the garment. Too long of a sleeve doesn’t feel any less long because part of the length is the cast on.

Hi @Mike,

Thanks for your reply. Yes it’s knitting from the waistband up.

So are you saying that I just ‘pick’ the RS and WS myself, as long as I stick to the same throughout it doesn’t matter which? It is rib for the first 3cm then ‘alternating stocking stitch’ for the remainder.

Thanks for your help!!


Yes. For some things it’s helpful to put a removable marker or safety pin on one side so you’ll remember. I usually use the tail from the cast on to tell what side is what or where the beginning is… Do what works for you. :slight_smile:

I would also think of row 2 as WS. The way it’s written it sounds like they want you to measure from row 2.

But I don’t think it would matter as long as you do the same on the back band (count the rows you make). I’m not a seaming master but from what I remember on 1x1 it’s not going to look perfect (and nobody will notice).

Patterns are more like suggestions. As long as you’re seaming p to p or k to k and have the same number of rows it will work out.
I like k to k so if I ever did another that had me seaming the rib band p to p I’d change it. So I would call the sides of the bands that end with k out the RS.

There is something that can make rib have a RS/WS, if it has a color stripe that they started with an all K row to avoid the color nubs in the purls.

I was looking at my sweater that joins the ribs p to p and the sleeve cuffs are like that (and I did an exceptionally bad job seaming them :grinning: ).