Pattern Help please

This is what I am working on:

Other than having some difficulty casting on a small # to size 16 needles for the smallest size (I cast on very loosely and it’s still difficult any other ideas?) , the pattern is fairly simple.

Until I get to the very end.

I have two “rows” of live knitting , one on a stitch holder and one on my needle and it says “weave” them together. I tried using the 3 needle cast off, that left a large ridge. From looking at the pattern, it appears it uses some type of weave that is invisible.
So what does “weave” mean? Mattress stitch didn’t work because they are live so I kept dropping stitchs while trying to do it. Any other suggestions what this could mean?


Try kitchener stitch? (Amy has a video…)

I really need to make one of these

I tried lots of soaker patterns, this one was the simplest and actually fit over a cloth diaper. Although I struggled with ssk. I have the hardest time getting the left needle back under both stitchs to knit them together. I have watched the video and for some reason, I have the worst time getting the needle under the second stitch. It maybe this woolease, it’s very splitty is that a word?


Splitty is definitely a word…at least around here it is :wink:

Have you watched Amy’s video on kitchener stitch (weaving)? I had read descriptions and it sounded sooo complex, but then once I watched the video it made perfect sense. Of course she makes it look easy…but really, it’s not super hard.

I have consulted Mr. Webster…he says he will ADD “Splitty” STRAIGHT AWAY…he apologizes for leaving it out in the first place. His exact words…“What in GAWDS name was I THINKING???” :doh:

Sometimes if you can’t get the left needle through the front of the st on the right needle, you can “take them back” and put the right needle in as if to knit through the back loop. I think the reason for the ssk is to twist the stitches in the first place. As long as you don’t twist them back, (just put you left needle through the front loop and transfer), you can try it that way.

Oh Im so glad mr webster has seen things our way!! laugh

and yes I have had to put them back on the left needle regularly , for some reason the second stitch tightens up too much for me to get through all the strands. I still think its splitty’s fault :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help. I did go and watch amy’s video on kitchener stitch, she does make it look easy , so we’ll see how it goes when I finish this next soaker!


HEY!!! I think there’s a mistake in this pattern!
[color=red]Cast on 56 [72, 80, 88, 96] sts. Join for knitting in the round.[/color]

Now. According to the pattern, the sizes are for newborn [s, m, l, todddler], and the circumference of each increases by 2 inches for each size. Soooo why is there a 16 stitch difference between newborn and s, but only an 8 stitch difference between the rest? (and 8 makes sense because of the guage of 5 sts/inch) ANYWAY, so I think for newborn you’re supposed to cast on 64 stitches.

Of course I could totally be wrong. And this would mess up the rest of the pattern too (when you place stitches on a holder you’d end up with 52 remaining instead 44) Since I don’t have kids, I don’t know if newborns are that much smaller than a 0-6 month old. Maybe the “newborn” should really be “premie”… that would make sense. maybe :??

Never mind. ignore me. lots of people have made it without these problems. But since I am a math freak and I obsess about stupid things, I’ve never made it. i DO have a much easier pattern (which makes much more sense mathematically), but it’s knit flat and then seamed.

Newborns are A LOT smaller. They grow really fast, too. 8 stiches worth, at least, :smiley:

Starting with 54 sts, that’s only 11.2 inches around. 60 sts would be 12 inches according to the gauge of 5 sts per inch. But, it says the sizes are approximate. So I guess they think it’s close enough.

But, who’s really gonna do the newborn size anyway? I think starting with size small makes more sense. Considering how fast that little newborn will grow. They’d only fit in the newborn size for a few weeks… unless they’re preemie.

My newborns were 8.9 lbs and 9lbs. I woulda started with extra large.

At least that’s what it felt like I should start with. LOL

hahaha! I can only imagine.
One of my girlfriends is preggo and I’m making soakers for her now (she’s due in october) Of course, I want all of my hand knitted items to be the FIRST things the baby wears on the way home from the hospital.

Hildie, have you seen this pattern? I’m dying to make them…but I don’t use cloth diapers, nor do my friends. But they’re sooo cute! :smiley:

Are these things worn directly over cloth diapers? I dont understand what they are FOR. Can Howie wear one??

Here’s a short explanation:

Wool is an amazing fiber, especially in terms of usefulness in diapering. Wool can absorb a great deal of moisture without feeling wet, which means that a diaper will become totally saturated before a wool diaper cover begins to leak. Add to that the fact that wool is naturally antibacterial, quick-drying, and odor-repelling (when properly lanolized, wool will not hold the smell of urine!), and you’ve got yourself a perfect material for diaper covers. Many mothers testify that wool soakers are the only truly leak-proof nighttime diapering soloution.

:roflhard: to Howie in a soaker!

i think some parents use them over disposable diapers too.

I hadn’t seen the patterns for those pants, but they are cute! I might make some of those too.

Wanna talk about cute… look at this skirt! If I thought I could get that done before we potty trained :inlove:

She could wear it with pretty undies, too. :smiley: