Pattern Help - please knitting a jumper and am very new to knitting (maybe a challenge to far) I have just.come out of an 8 row 1 x 1 rib pattern. Next row says (rib 4, inc in next st 10 times, (rib 3(3), inc in next st (4) times, (rib 4, inc in next st) (9 times, rib 4. I’m starting with 115 atitches and should end up with 138 stitches. I can not get it to work out correctly. I have left out the other numbers that refer to other sizes please help

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When the pattern says “rib” work the sts as either knits or purls as you have been doing. Don’t let the increased sts affect that. It’s ok if the increases mean there are 2 knits or 2 purls next to each other. The stitch pattern is likely going to change anyway.

The pattern is missing parentheses. The sts inside the parentheses are a repeat. So for example in the first instruction, work 4 sts, inc in the next stitch, work 4, inc, work 4, inc, etc for a total of 10 times. A knit front and back (kfb) will work here.
(rib 4, inc in next st) 10 times,
(rib 3, inc in next st) 4 times,
(rib 4, inc in next st) 9 times,
rib 4.