Pattern Help Please

Hi I’m attempting my first baby boy sweater and already ran into a problem can someone please help.

Here is the pattern I’m working on

The part I have a question on is Row 5 (First Buttonhole)
Boy: k 2, yo, k 2 tog, inserting needle from left side, k 1, work to end.

I understand how to knit2, yarnover, knit2together but what does it mean to Insert needle from left side and what exactly am i working to the end.

The sweater is for a boy but the girl directions seem easier - I could just have the buttons on the other side if I can’t get this part.

Thank you for your help!

I am thinking what it means is to K2tog tbl (through back loop). It is a very strange way to say it though. If you’re unsure how to do this, there is a video on this page showing how.

And when it says ‘work to end’, all it means is that once you finish the first bit of instructions (the buttonhole part is worked on the first 5 sts of the row) you will just continue on and ‘work to end’ of the row.

Hi and thanks for the quick reply. Great I got the video link and understand that now. I understand what it means to work to the end but what I didn’t understand was what do I work to end? Should I just continue with the ribbing I started in the first 4 rows?

Thanks again I really appreciate the help!

Sorry, I wasn’t clear on that part when I answered. You are knitting from the top down and it looks like the collar is the ribbed part that you are currently working on. You will continue in the ribbing pattern until the point a few lines down where it says “work two more rows in ribbing”. At that point you will stop doing the ribbing and you will continue on with the next set of instruction, still doing the buttonhole row every 18 rows, a total of 5 times.

Does that help a bit more??