Pattern help please

I am currently knitting my first sweater :grinning:
I am up to shaping the sleeve caps and understand the decreases until it says

Work 0 rows even ( the zero is for the size I am making other sizes have different numbers )

Does this mean I ignore this and move to next step in pattern ?

The pattern is Preston Pullover by Kathryn Folkerth

Yes, that’s it exactly. Ignore any steps that have a 0 for your size.

Thank you so much :grinning:

I also have a query regarding the collar .
In the paragraph where it says to place the markers;
For example if I picked up say 40 sts in total for the collar work 10 sts pm work 20 sts pm ?

So I’m just dividing the total sts picked up and held by 4 ?
Am I interpreting this correct ?

And do I start on the right side when worn ?

Thanks again I really appreciate your help :grinning:

I don’t have the pattern. I assume the markers are to help with the short row shaping? You can quote a line or two from the pattern in this section, if you’d like. Don’t post much more than that since we can run into copyright problems.
Yes, start on the right side as you would wear the sweater.

sorry it’s in the second photo I attached? Can you see the photo ?

Under the Collar section, second paragraph.

If you can’t see the photo I will type out the text :grinning:

OK, I see it. Yes, if you pick up 40sts total, pm at 10 sts and then work another 20sts and pm. You’ve got it.