Pattern help please

well, that intarsia flap that i was so very recently so deeply proud of is now causing me great duress. i have an idea how to modify the pattern to suit my… abilities, but i need a second opinion.

Hipster from Knitty Pattern

I am at the second paragraph of the Belt Slit, where you proceed to work on 2 circulars. This just is NOT working for me, it’s just not and it’s partly because i don’t understand where i’m going with it. i understand the concept of working on 2 circulars and the reasoning for it, but it’s just blech. I’ve watched Amy’s videos and even went to the instructional site given by Knitty <gasp!> Amy’s instruction always gets me where I need to be, but this is just not clicking for me and I don’t suspect it ever will.

That being said, is there a reason that I can’t work the front and the back on two separate needles to 4-1/2 inches like the pattern calls for, do the 3-needle bindoff and then seam up the sides? i’m figuring i would just need to continue in stockinette where I am on the flap and then cast on 36 stitches on the second needle, purl a row, do the m1’s in the next row to bring it to 40, and then proceed in st st for that part until it reaches 4-1/2 inches?

i’m thinking why the heck not. in reading ahead, i don’t see where that will interfere with any further instructions and with it being felted, i’m not too concerned about the seam…

what do you all think? can i get away with this? (please say yes)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I think you can.