Pattern Help - pattern gone wrong in the round!

Hi Everybody!

I’m hoping someone can help me read a pattern. It’s a diamond knit pattern jacket. The body was knit flat and the pattern turned out fine. On the sleeve I had to knit the pattern in the round and the pattern has not turned out as it should be so I think I’m not reading the chart correctly.

On the body the chart went between WS and WS and the blank squares and dotted squares alternated as knit and purl between WS and RS.

Now on the sleeve chart, I assume the pattern is only read right to left, unlike the body chart. Also, as knit stitches are being knit over knit stitches on the previous row, it’s giving a stockinette stitch instead of a garter stitch pattern.

There is no legend for the sleeve chart so I don’t know if I’m meant to treat the dots and blanks as same for every row.

Are there some obvious adjustments to make to a pattern when knitting in the round?


Jinx7777 welcome to the knitting help forum. The stitch legend for the sleeve chart should be the same as the body. Yes, when working in the round you read every chart round from right to left. To get the same garter stitch effect working in the round 1 round is purl and 1 round is knit. I hope this helps you decode the sleeve chart

Thank you flknit5! Really appreciate your help. I’ve since worked out the first row needed to be treated as a WS row and that’s given me the alternating knit and purl rows/stitches that I needed. Thank you! Crisis averted - phew!