Pattern help needed


I’m very new to knitting and have decided recently to teach myself and knit a blanket. I’m having some trouble understanding part of pattern so any advice would be really appreciated.

The part I’m struggling on is:
P18, p2tog, (p6, p2tog) 31 times, p18. 254 Sts

I understand how to do a purl stitch and purl 2 together but what exactly is this row asking me to do? Do I need to do the part in the brackets or is that just the same as the first bit? Also what is the 254 sts as in what type of stitches?

Thank you in advance!!

the instruction is for the whole row.
you will do the part in the brackets 31 times one right after the other. so to start the row purl 18 stitches, then purl 2 together, then purl 6, purl 2 together – purl 6, purl 2 together – for 31 sets of stitches, then after you do that 31 times, you will purl 18 stitches. this should bring you to the end of your row. count your stitches and you will have 245 total stitches.
can you post the pattern?

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Thank you Sherrie. Here is the pattern.

Well I hope I was helpful. post a picture when you are finished! :):grinning: