Pattern help needed please

I’m working on a pattern for Ornaghifilati Mary, the bolero.
I’ve done the back with a bit of difficutly, and am now stuck on the fronts.
The pattern is a continental one, and the first time i’ve ever worked one.

Pattern reads like:
[B]Right Front[/B]
With size 7mm needles cast on 8 (9/10) sts. Work in pattern st. Incr. 5 sts at neck edge of every alt row 10 times (=58/59/60sts). Work straight 4 rows. Shape neck. Cast off 5 sts at beg of neck alt row 9 times. At the same time when piece measures 20 (22/24) cm from beg (=33/35/37 r.) shape armhole. Cast off at beg of next row 4 sts. Work straight until peice measures 39 (42/45) cm from beg (=62/68/72r.). Cast off rem. 9 (10/11) sts. Work left front reversing shapings.

pattern stich:
row 1, 3: knit
row 2: k1, (k1,p1,k1,p1,k1) all into next st, p5 tog
row 4: k1, * p5 tog, (k1,p1,k1,p1,k1) all into next st*

I am working the large size and have cast on a frogged twice, and still can’t get it right. Can some kind person explain how to do this please, esp the incr sts whilst doing the pattern at the same time, they are just a bit too confusing.
Could you also please explain the reversings for the left front.
Maths never was my strong point, and this has my head going round and round :wall::??:??:??

any help would be very much appreciated, and stop me going mad over this :gah:
Hazel x

Let’s see. You’re casting on 10 stitches. On row 1 you knit them.
The easiest way to increase the 5 stitches that you need at the neck edge is to cast them on at the end of row 1.

For row 2, you’ll have 15 stitches facing you. It doesn’t work out evenly in the pattern since you need 13 stitches to k1, work the inc into one stitch, p5tog twice. You’ll have 2 left over. I guess you could knit them.

K, INC, P5TOG, INC, P5TOG = 13

It seems like to keep in pattern, you have to purl the 5tog that were increased on the previous row, and increase in the one stitch you got from purling 5 together.

If you keep that lined up, I guess you could just knit any stitches that don’t fit with that.

thanks ingrid,
i was doing the increase by lifting the stitch between the last 2 stitches and then doing the k1,p1,k1,p1,k1 but didn’t seem to work right.

will try the way you’ve suggested when i’ve stopped being annoyed with it, lol
Hazel x